Sunday, August 14, 2011

MongoDB and Relational queries? Yes it can!

Hello internet, today I would like to give a little information on a misconception with MongoDB.  NoSQL explicitly denounces relational queries as a thing of the past, however it is necessary to normalize  your data and keep it efficient and avoid having duplicate information.

For my discussion today, I will refer to vendors permissions, which was for a sample purchasing app I demoed inside portalstack.

To do a relational look up, you need to do a bit of async programming.  For me, I used the async library provided by the nodejs community.

First, I query my permissions collection, p_vendors, for an account_id and the vendor_id, both are ObjectID references.

Next, I use async to foreach the returned permission set.  When the async call is complete, it returns the prepared data to ExpressJS and its sent off to the client.

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