Monday, June 11, 2012

NodeJS and OpenShift, a PortalGNU presentation

Today, I am going to get my platform service configured and ready for development.  For PortalGNU, I will be using Red Hat OpenShift.  

First we select a web cartridge.  In my case, I will select Node.JS.

Give the application a name.

The next screen will include necessary information for setting up git and pub keys.   I installed the openshift toolkit (rhc) so I will continue there.

OpenShift includes shared databases and other features, called Cartridges.  In my case, I want a MongoDB cartridge.

$ rhc app cartridge add -a portal -c mongodb-2.0


MongoDB 2.0 database added.  Please make note of these credentials:

       Root User:  root
   Root Password:  *******

   Database Name:  portal

Connection URL: mongodb://

You can manage your new MongoDB by also embedding rockmongo-1.1

So at this point, I have mongoDB installed.  Let's check out rockmongo, too.

$ rhc app cartridge add -a portal -c rockmongo-1.1


rockmongo-1.1 added.  Please make note of these MongoDB credentials again:

   RockMongo User    : root
   RockMongo Password: *******


Sweet, a web interface.  Now I will create a new database for the Portal CMS.

Cool.  From now on, package.json in my git repository will dictate how this application works.  For now, I have a cool default landing page:

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