Monday, August 19, 2013

Custom Nagios Notifications, now with Jade

Recently, I posted about using coffee-script and node-mailer to send custom Nagios notification emails.  While it is a great way of extending the capabilities of Nagios Alerts by allowing any arbitrary hook into other coffee / javascript apis (such as node-mailer), it is also capable of creating pretty HTML e-mails with the help of the Jade template engine.

Since I've already created the Nagios Command and bound it to my contact information, all I need to do is install jade into the project folder's node_modules:

$ npm install jade

We then need to create our templates.  Since I wanted to use a layout, I created a jade sub-folder in my projects folder.

Here is the layout (./jade/layout.jade):

Here is a neat header bar that I'm using(./jade/nav-bar-email.jade):

Here is the alert e-mail(./jade/nagiosAlert.jade):

Here is what my script looks like(/opt/bin/

The final result is a pretty looking E-Mail. I'm viewing this with in OS X.  Ive blanked out a few bits.  Just imagine there is Company Text to the left of home and a link between home and projects in the nav-bar

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