Sunday, August 18, 2013

Simple Callbacks - Executing parallel and dependent tasks using async without the sphagetti

There has been some bloggers complaining lately about the callback pattern and its spaghetti code structure.  Some even compare it to GOTO statements, although that post is less about coffee/javascript.  The beauty of javascript, especially written in coffee-script, is that you can conceptualize parallel and dependent tasks based on code indentation.  Commands executed in the same depth are executed at the same time, while code resting deeper (in the particular case of callback patterns) are deferred until dependent execution is complete.

The following image on the left depicts what I am explaining above.  Blue lines are executed at the same time.  Red lines are dependent on their blue parent's completion before they execute, and so on.

I then take the idea a step further and mix batches of parallel tasks with tasks dependent on the batch to complete.

This is a sample gist of personal work I am doing on a Project Management webApp. The goal of this gist is to show how non dependent tasks can be parallelized and dependent tasks can be run after those parallel dependencies are run. eachTask iterator takes a task object and a callback. It uses the Function prototype method call to pass scope to each parallel task.

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